Smash Bros Brawl controls revealed!

After speculation over how gamers will be controlling Nintendo's highly-anticipated fighter, SSB Brawl, it has been revealed today that the answer is: any way they like.

The Wii sequel to one of the biggest GameCube games will use every control style available for Wii so far. That's a total of four control styles which includes: holding the Wii Remote horizontally; a Wii Remote and Nunchuk combination; the classic controller; or you can slap in the GameCube controller and play the way you have been for the past few years.

The latter is what series creator, and official site maker, Masahiro Sakurai, recommends. "The Nintendo Wii really is a versatile piece of hardware. I mean, when it comes to controllers, there are pretty much four different types. I guess I have no choice but implement them all," he reveals.

He goes on to say: "I suppose I would recommend the Nintendo GameCube controller, though. I like the feel of that powerful rumble. Still, try out the other controls-they definitely give you a fresh experience."

We tend to agree, in this case. GameCube pad FTW!

More daily updates next week.

June 8, 2007