Smash Bros. add, lose fighters

Word out of France today says that Super Smash Bros. Brawl director Masashiro Sakurai has shaken up the roster for Nintendo's next superstar beatdown. Joining the cast are Bowser Jr. (most recently seen in New Super Mario Bros.), the cartoony Wind Waker version of Link and Samus' longtime, pterodactyl nemesis, Ridley.

Above: Zero Suit Samus prepares tosmashone of her oldest enemies - the dastardly Ripley, who also appears in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. He won't leave her alone

But with these three on the forefront, some apparently had to go - the spindly Mr. Game & Watch, Ice Climbers and Young Link are not returning. Sakurai says he wants 40 playable characters, but why exactly those well-received fighters were cut is unclear. It's also known that Sakurai wants a couple more surprise additions of the Solid Snake variety. No, Master Chief probably won't be one, but how could Sonic pass this chance up?

June 7, 2006