Singularity's multiplayer aims to be different

Since the game’s showing at Gamescom, Raven has been focusing on polishing Singularity as much as possible. “The feel of the guns, the shake of the controller, damage balancing… all of that comes into play,” says Vondrak. The only area where new features have been introduced is in the multiplayer.

Above: While your glove is the main source of the game’s time jiggery-pokery, some time-hopping is completely out of your control

Above: Waves of temporal shifts catapult the island of Katorga-12 between present day and 1950s incarnations

Above: Some changes do your work for you, conveniently repairing broken bridges and doors without the need for the TMD

Above: Fifties Katorga-12 isn’t good for nervous dispositions though: while some ghosts are harmless, many… aren’t. And they really hate you

Don’t be surprised if you see nods to other games or sci-fi works in Singularity. “With so many FPS fans on staff you get a lot of small influences from many different games.We’re also pretty big sci-fi nerds so TV shows like Lost have worked their way into design meetings. Forbidden Planet was a big influence on the original creation,” Vondrak tells us.

As one final taster, Vondrak reveals his favourite moments from this first Singularity. “There are a few sections of the game where we really put the player into a frantic situation,” Vondrak teases. Such as? “Either chasing down one of the main characters of the game…” (Er, okay, anything else?) “… or running from…” (This is more like it; this is going to be BIG!) “large swarms of…” (Yes, yes ,yes!) “…ticks.”

Oh. Ticks? “Ticks.” Well, you can’t say it’s not original. Find out what we make of the finished article – ticks, tocks and all – in our review…

Jun 8, 2010