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    Submitted by John Kingdon

Shadow Warrior Cheats

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    Cheat Codes

    To activate these cheats type T while playing, then type in the code, then press ENTER
    Code Description
    SWCHAN Invincibility Mode
    SWGHOST Turns on no clipping mode/turns off no clipping mode
    CONFIG Displays help
    QUIT quit game
    SWTRIKx Warp to level (x=episode [0=first] y=level [1=first]
    SWGIMME All items
    SWTREK** Allows for changing of levels. For the first * put in the episode number. (0 = shareware, 1 = 1st Registered episode, 2 = 2nd Registered episode, etc.). For the second '*' put in the level to warp to. For example, SWTREK04 will take you to the fourth level of the shareware episode.
    SWSTART Places you back in start position(beggining of level)
    SWGREED Turns on all cheat codes
    SWTRIX Replaces regular rockets with bunny rockets for the rocket weapon (weapon #5)
    SWMAP Reveals FULL map (view with TAB key)
    SWRES Switches resolution (F5 key does the same thing)
    SWLOC Type it in once: Shows frame rate. Type it in twice: Shows frame rate AND location. Type it in a third time: makes frame rate and location disapear.
    WINPACHINKO Allows you to "fix" the Panchinko games so you always win a prize
    SWSAVE Save map
    SWGIMME Get All Items
    CONFIG Load a new .cfg file
    SWQUIT Quit Game
    SWNAME Change Multiplayer Name
    DUMPSOUNDS Makes a debugging file
    sound Plays a sound
    SWSAVE saves map
    CDON Play CD Music
    CDOFF Stop CD Music
    CD PLAY Play a CD Track once
    CD LOOP Loop a CD Track
    CLEAR Clear saved games
    HELP Get Cheats & Help