Rumour Mill: A sequel for The Bodyguard?

The last time we heard anything about a sequel to Kevin Costner’s 1992 romantic drama The Bodyguard (you know, the one with the famous, long-in-the-charts song that’s not Titanic or Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves), it was all wild speculation that his Kev-ness was busy pitching ideas about, er, Princess Diana.

But now, out stumping for political comedy Swing Vote, it seems the Costner just can’t let go of his idea for a new film. There’s no word on a plot, but Costner doesn’t apparently think that Whitney Houston would appear again (we agree). It’s all just rumour and scuttlebutt right now anyway, but click over to Showbiz Spy if you’re interested.

And should he start talking about a sequel to The Postman, we have the tranquilizer guns and net on standby.