Resident Evil Wii details

Resident Evil: Umbrella Corp Chronicles is the confirmed title for the Wii's own dose of zombie-blasting action, and will use the Wii-mote to offer a lightgun style of gameplay. Familiar faces and locations will return, with Umbrella Corp Chronicles filling in the plot gaps between the events of Code Veronica and Resident Evil 4.

Fans should remember previous RE shooter adventures - the lackluster Survivor and Dead Aim - as big disappointments, so we hope Umbrella Corp Chronicles will be more than just an on-rails shooter.

Above: Hey, Capcom! Let's make it better than this shot of Survivor 2, huh?

Imagine shaking the controller to wrestle free of a zombie's grip, or using the Nunchuk to grasp one of the shambling horde by the throat as you blow its dead brains out at point-blank range (because, you know, a zombie is something you totally want to touch with your bare hands). We've excited ourselves just thinking about it.

The game will make its first appearance at the Tokyo Games Show in just over a week, according to Hong Kong gaming mag Game Next, so if Resident Evil: Umbrella Corp Chronicles does shuffle into view, we'll be all over it like flies on a corpse. Stay tuned.

September 14, 2006

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