We speedrun through the Resident Evil: Revelations demo. Can you beat our time?

The free demo of Resident Evil: Revelations went up on the 3DS store yesterday and, as with the one that came with Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, it's over far too quickly. But that doesn't mean we can't have more fun with it once we've explored all the area has to offer, right? For instance... how quickly can you finish it?

We've made a video of us (i.e. me) doing it in 4 minutes from pushing 'start' to triggering the final cut-scene. After a few goes to practice, naturally. On the video, you'll hear the voices of my good self and GR's UK Editor, Matt Cundy. I'm doing the playing, Matt's doing the distracti... sorry, 'helping'.

This was a modestly fast run for a third attempt (aside from getting exploded in the kitchen), though my unrecorded practice run was 3m 47s. Can you go faster? Hope you've got enough of your allotted 30 plays left to give it a go...


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Justin Towell

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