Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition

Well here's a game that needs no introduction. After being nominated for every possible award ever (we think it might have even walked away with a Golden Globe or something), Resident Evil 4 is appearing on one final platform: the Wii. Yes, the system is backwards compatible with the GameCube, which does play a fantastic version of RE4, but for those who have yet to experience this magnificent piece of technology, now's the time. Hell, even if you have beaten the crap out this already, it's always worth another look.

RE4: Wii Edition incorporates the true widescreen support, bonus costumes and extra Ada Wong missions the PS2 version had, plus new Wii Remote controls. According to Capcom, you'll be used to the new control scheme "within five minutes," and our 15 minute play session confirmed this allegation. Aiming with the remote is super easy thanks to a larger target reticule that's always on the screen, and Leon's head-popping, monster-suplexing CQC moves are done by shaking the remote side to side. The interactive-cinema moments (running from the boulder, the knife fight with Krauser) will see similar changes too.

We tried out two areas of RE4 - first the main game, near the beginning when you first meet the smooth-talking merchant, and the Mercenaries mode. The main game session was fast and furious as hell, with Leon walking right into a heavily infested area. Villagers armed with hatchets and dynamite are on your ass at all times, but the Wii Remote aiming kept us ahead of the game. Holding the B trigger puts Leon into aim mode, then A shoots. Shaking the remote while holding the trigger reloads whatever weapon you're carrying.

Then the Mercenaries mode offered Hunk, a neck-breaking, gas mask-wearing character most people overlooked ever since RE2. Same story here - the Wii controls hindered nothing and within a few minutes we were splatterizing bloody villagers left and right. The only thing that really surprised were the graphics, which didn't seem to be as good as we remembered. Rose colored glasses? Perhaps, but it could also be that the Wii version is based on the PS2 game, which didn't look quite as hot as the GameCube one. It's also possible the plasma TVs had something to do with the signal, as non-HD signals usually look like a pile of butts on HD TVs.

RE4: Wii Edition is coming this June at the agreeable price of $30. Everything you know is still here, plus sharp aiming and swinging knife controls. If you've managed to go this long without putting your foot through a Las Plagas-infected head, you're long overdue.

Brett Elston

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