Reka's latest gameplay reveal lets you build your own Baba Yaga chicken house and train to be a witch

REKA's first gameplay reveal at the Future Games Show Summer Showcase Powered by Intel gets straight to the point: you get to build your own walking Baba Yaga-style chicken house and then use it to explore a 19th European setting. 

Playing as witch in training, it's up to you to collect exotic and magical ingredients to help or curse the villagers around as you unlock more ways to customise and build your house. As you can see from the gameplay what you build, and how, is entirely up to you from the shape, to the floors, furniture and more. 

To make the best home possible it's up to you to explore and take on quests that will unlock new abilities and decorative items. As you progress you'll get new furniture and decorations and, crucially, new crafting stations to progress your witchy skills. The 19th century slavic world that will be home to your magical education is full of varying and changing locations to explore, full of forests, fields, swamps and more.

As you wander you'll be able to use your developing witch powers and your familiars to reach and gather plants, magical supplies and other important or rare items. You might also uncover a few mythological creatures along the way. It's certainly an interesting idea, combining aspects of open world exploration, base building, and decision making that will shape the witch you become - how are you going to treat the puny mortal villagers you step over in your house as you explore? 

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