Red Carpet: The Matador

Pierce Brosnan stands in front of Total Film rubbing his hands together. Not with glee you understand - although with a neat little flick like The Matador to promote, you could understand why he has every right to be gleeful – no, The Bros is bloody freezing.

“It’s taters out there,” he states in his Baileys-smooth Irish tones. “The weather is a little inarticulate around the world at the moment but there’s no global warming – George says so.” His face cracks into a wry smile.

We are at The Notting Hill Coronet and Pierce has just paced the red carpet in sub-zero temperatures to ensure that the legions of Brosettes don’t go home disappointed.

Having worked the crowd into a frenzy the likes of which is commonly witnessed on Big Brother eviction nights, TF asks him if he has any tips for Premieres or award nights?

“Tips? No not really. Just step out there and make sure your flies are done up.”

The Matador is release on Friday 3 March.