Real monkey plays Monkey Ball!

Thursday 4 January 2007
As far as publicity stunts go, this is probably the most literal we can think of: get a monkey to play a game about monkeys. Look! He's even wearing a promotional T-shirt.

It's not clear if this is supposed to prove that Wii games are so accessible even animals can play them or that the Wii-mote is monkey compatible, but what we do know is this little fella was shipped into London's Wii house (used to demo games to the media) for a photoshoot, yesterday.

Above: Monkey has total disregard for Nintendo's Wii-mote safety recommendations

We're assuming Nintendo is using this opportunity to point out just how well Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz did over the Christmas holiday period (in the top five best-selling launch titles). Although, if it was us, we'd have been a bit disappointed the monkey didn't smile a bit more. Or maybe throw the Wii-mote through a TV screen.

For more pictures of the monkey playing with his Wii click the image tab above.

I hate the 267.