Stardew Valley for Android will be released on March 14


Stardew Valley will be released on Android phones on March 14. The thumb friendly version of your favorite agricultural addiction was developed by The Secret Police and will be priced at $7.99.

Original story:

Stardew Valley is finally coming to Android, so Apple avoiders no longer have to be left out of the farming fun. We still don't have a release date,  but it must be imminent as you can now pre-register for game on the Google Play store.  Once the game is released it'll cost $7.99 and you'll be able to transfer your PC progress to your Android game.

There's no multiplayer, but it does have a new control system with a virtual joystick and invisible joystick options, the ability to save at any time, and pinch to zoom for micro management of your pumpkin crop. 

We also got an update on Stardew Valley multiplayer from developer Eric "Concerned Ape" Barone. 

"I also want to let the Xbox/PS4 players know that the multiplayer update is coming along well… the XBOX update is in QA, and PS4 will follow shortly. I hope to release both, simultaneously, within the next couple of months."

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