Rayman Raving Rabbids 2 - hands-on

Our favourite sports minigame was probably the baseball one. Pump your fists to make the Rabbid run around the bases, then swing to smack him in the face when he flies towards the batter in slow motion. And on the two-player co-op front, we played a tricycle racing game in which one player pedals energetically while the other player steers and throws things at the rival team.

You can choose different sets of rules for your custom tournaments. The most unusual one awards zero points for finishing second, which adds a different sort of tactical element as players decide whether to keep pushing for the win or give up on chasing the leader and try to finish last instead.

The new music games are probably the best part of the whole four-player experience. It's a little like a simple version of EA's forthcoming Rock Band, with each player controlling a specific instrument. You keep time with the music by shaking your hands to match the symbols that drift down the screen, and your movements actually control the instruments - you can add drum flourishes during quiet parts or make the singer squeak in the wrong places to prove it.

The songs are pretty hilarious once they get going, with the tuneless bunnies making a suitably ham-fisted effort at covering famous tunes. We played Smoke on the Water, Funky Town and Celebration. The finished game will have two additional songs.

It's an impressive sequel that's certainly a lot more polished than its rivals. With user-friendly features such as the ability to jump straight into a game within a couple of clicks from the title screen, and automatic skipping of certain games if one or more players lacks a Nunchuk, this is a well-crafted effort that should see a lot of action at multiplayer parties.