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    Submitted by Dallas

Prince of Persia 3D Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by Marco Roorda

    Bee Prank

    Do you have a problem with some guards? That they attack you before you've pulled your sword? here's the answer. When you have a bee arrow (you know, the one with bee's in it), stand in range with the enemy. Now quick save. Grab your bow, and a bee arrow. Now fire. When it hits your enemy, quickly do a quick load. If you did it with good timing, your enemy should be dead, and you've still got your bee arrow!!!!! CAUTION: you must do it with exact timing!

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Start on Various Levels

    Use these command line switches to start on a certain level. You will have to make a shortcut and edit the properties to something like pop3d.exe -l "geometry\rooms\prisonfix"

    You will only be able to go to 1 level at a time with this cheat.

    Other Levels

    -l "geometry\rooms\prisonfix"
    -l "geometry\rooms\ivorytwr"
    -l "geometry\rooms\cistern"
    -l "geometry\rooms\palace2"
    -l "geometry\rooms\palace3"
    -l "geometry\rooms\palace4"
    -l "geometry\rooms\roof1"
    -l "geometry\rooms\cityanddocks"
    -l "geometry\rooms\dirig1a"
    -l "geometry\rooms\dirig1b"
    -l "geometry\rooms\dirig2"
    -l "geometry\rooms\dirigfinale"
    -l "geometry\rooms\ruins"
    -l "geometry\rooms\cliffs"
    -l "geometry\rooms\solar1"
    -l "geometry\rooms\moontemple"
    -l "geometry\rooms\finale"