President Bush in Madden NFL 06

US President George Walker Bush and his governor brother Jeb have made an appearence in the latest version of American football game, Madden NFL 06.

While the pair won't be making the roster of the final product, the Bush-based version of the game was created when Jeb visited EA's Florida-based Tiberion studio in his role as state governor.

Governor Bush himself appeared as a Miami Dolphin's player while President Bush, who was in fact head cheerleader at college, wore the uniform of his home side, the Dallas Cowboys.

Upon admiring the modelling of the player, particularly his brother at tight end, Jeb said: "George actually looks kind of like that. I do not look like as buff as that receiver for the Miami Dolphins that I played there. I cannot tell you how much fun this is going to be to send this to Crawford, Texas. I'm sure my brother will like it, maybe not as much as me."

Madden NFL 2006 will be released on Gamecube, PC, PS2, PSP, Xbox, Xbox 360