Power Stone Collection

The constantly changing arenas are fully intact as well, and whether we were brawling on the decks of racing submarines or duking it out on an exploding airship (which then let us fight in free-fall before dropping us onto a stone ruin), everything was just as elaborate and well-animated as in the original. Even the usable gun turrets, random power-ups and little extras in each background were present.

Above: Yeah, sure, a giant fork, a hovercraft, a submarine and a girl with a frillyparasol. Makes sense to us

Unfortunately, Power Stone 2 's biggest problem was that it was hard to see all the action on a normal TV, and that goes triple for the PSP version. When the camera's zoomed out on all four fighters (and there are always four fighters), the characters just look like chunky blobs, and it's hard to see where you are. Thankfully, the final version will enable players to zoom in, which should hopefully alleviate the problem.