Phoenix Wright sequel hits the web

Phoenix Wright's third courtroom adventure is likely still a long way from reaching US gamers - publisher Capcom hasn't even announced any plans to bring it to the DS - but if any of you want to jump ahead and get a peek at the fourth game, here's your chance.

Clickhere, and you can check out a Flash version of Gyakuten Saiban 4, where you'll play as new attorney Housuke Odoroki (a name that will almost certainly change before any US release). The demo is limited to the first case, and it's all in Japanese, but fans will want to check it out anyway - as Odoroki, you'll be defending none other than Phoenix Wright, whose fashion sense apparently takes a huge dive when he's not the main character.

Above: Why are you still reading? That could be you pointing that finger

New hero aside, the game looks to play exactly like the Phoenix Wright games you're used to - assuming you've got the patience to wade through all the Japanese text and get to the cross-examination and evidence management, that is. Still, it's just a Flash demo - given that this is the first Gyakuten Saiban/Phoenix Wright game developed specifically for the DS, we expect there'll be all kinds of surprises once we finally get our mitts on it.

February 1, 2007