Perfect Dark Zero for Xbox 360 launch

A variety of sources have started to point towards what we can expect from Xbox 360's line-up of launch titles - and it's likely to include Perfect Dark Zero and Project Gotham Racing 3.

When Xbox 360 hits shelves in November, around 15 titles are anticipated to be available on day one, of which as many as six will be racing titles, including the aforementioned Gotham 3 as well as Need for Speed Underground 3 and Test Drive.

It also seems to be a possibility that we'll see Burnout 4 and a new racer from Namco as part of the initial games line-up.

Perhaps of more interest - although, equally, less plausible sounding - is talk of a Halo 2.5 being available at launch. Recent rumours suggest that it would offer better graphics at a higher resolution as well as additional multiplayer levels.

After the initial batch of launch titles, a second wave is rumoured to be hitting Xbox 360 a couple of weeks later, followed by a third consignment another couple of weeks after that.

Xbox 360 is due to be released in November