Overwatch players are (chocolate) chipping in to deliver a payload of cookies to Blizzard - how sweet

Here's a bit of holiday cheer for you as we head into the last weekend before Christmas: A man by the name Christopher Culley has called on his fellow Overwatch players to help pay for a delivery of cookies, to be sent to Blizzard HQ as thanks for all their hard work on the game.

"[Blizzard] have crafted an amazing game experience that has provided us collectively with thousands of hours of entertainment," Culley wrote on the "Blizzard Cookies Project" Indiegogo project page. "Along the way they've been amazingly communicative and provided wonderful and consistent updates. I think a lot of us agree they deserve a special thank you!"

Plenty of others seem to agree, as the original goal of $625 has been absolutely crushed already. As of this writing, nearly 200 backers have donated a total of $1,461 to the cause. And there's still 6 days left of funding! Personally, I hope that when they are eventually delivered, the cookies come in packaging so that Blizzard employees won't know how rare of a flavor they're getting until they open them.

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Sam Prell

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