Overwatch gets a free console weekend starting September 9

If you've seen Overwatch's action packed and/or adorable animated shorts but still haven't actually played it, next weekend will be your perfect opportunity: Overwatch will be free to play on both PS4 and Xbox One starting at 11 am PDT / 7 pm BST on Friday, September 9. You'll need Xbox Live Gold to play on Xbox One, and the free play session will end for both consoles at 4 pm PDT on Sunday, September 12 / midnight BST on Monday, September 13.

Edit: I had Friday, September 8 listed here before, which is not a date in 2016. It's Friday, September 9. Sorry!

Free players will be able to access most of the game, including leveling up their accounts, earning loot boxes, and customizing their heroes. Any advancement will carry over into the full version of the game if and when they buy a copy. It sounds like the only big missing feature for free players will be Competitive Mode.

Competitive Season 2 is set to begin on September 6. It makes sense that Blizzard wouldn't watch a bunch of players flooding into ranked matches all at once just three days into the season, since that would probably be a pretty crappy experience for everyone involved.

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