Operation: Tango gameplay footage kicks off Oxfam charity drive

It’s rare that saving the world in fiction has a tangible impact on reality. But if you download and record a co-op play session of Operation: Tango, you can make a donation to Oxfam for free.

The spy game, which had its first gameplay shown today on the Future Games Show, has a new demo on Steam. Play through its introductory chapter with a friend, send your footage to Clever Plays, and the developer will donate $5 to help Oxfam’s global fight against poverty - up to a possible total of $3,000. The studio will share its favourite videos via its social media channels.

“We wanted to encourage people to download the demo and play the game with a friend to try the experience, then we realized we could raise money for a good cause at the same time,” said studio head Angela Mejia. “Operation: Tango is all about working together to save the world and this charity drive takes that tagline to heart.”

Operation: Tango is a co-op spy game in which each player takes on a dramatically different role. One is an agent, infiltrating exotic locations on foot. The other is a hacker, supporting the player on the ground by overriding turrets or elevators and unlocking doors. The key to success is verbal communication. Hence the tagline: it takes two to save the world.

Clever Plays has won two Gamescom awards this week, for Best Multiplayer and Most Original Game, both announced during Geoff Keighley’s Opening Night Live.

Tom Regan
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