Palworld and Sons of the Forest's resource systems collide in this upcoming open-world survival game

Colorful open-world survival crafting game Omega Crafter is coming to Steam Early Access at the end of this month.

In a trailer revealed during the Future Games Show Spring Showcase, developer Preferred Network showcased the game's open world, as well as some of its less than friendly inhabitants. Thankfully, you'll have a helping hand when it comes to anyone who doesn't offer you a warm welcome, thanks to the Grammi. 

Your sidekicks in the world of Omega Crafter, the Grammi are allies who can help you gather, build, and even fight off foes. There's a touch of Palworld's creature-gathering efforts to the Grammi, who perform plenty of actions so that you don't have to, but they also borrow from another survival game hit in Sons of the Forest, particularly its unfortunate companion, Kevin. Thankfully, Omega Crafter's friendly vibes suggest it'll be a little less scary than anything Kevin has to deal with.

Each Grammi can be directly programmed to perform a string of tasks determined by specific player inputs. For instance, you might ask it to mine a rock until it breaks, before moving on to find another resource. Or you could ask a Grammi to gather crops, taking whatever it collects and storing it safely away. Multiple instructions can be stored together, allowing you close control over what your Grammi get up to.

Omega Crafter is heading to PC via Steam Early Access on March 28, and while there are plans in place for new content, there's plenty to dig into (or let the Grammi dig into for you).

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