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  • PC, PS2, Wii | Submitted by Anonymous

    Creatures Hints

    Slogs. Hate them, and so do you! To kill them, use the code 1817 to get their weakness, a gun

    Guinea pigs from heck. Fast, not so fluffy, and dangerous. Kill 'em any way you like!

    Tentacle-faces. You only face them once, and you don't end up living. It is fun to see one of them decapitate.

    Sirens. You can tell these because of their distinct voices. Kill them anyway you like.

    Kenny! OMG you killed Kenny, or at least you will when you get exploding arrows and a crossbow.

    Crawlers. Smash them! It's like playing Whack-A-Mole.

    Crawler Hive. Kill him any way you like, but make it snappy.