No Valkyria Chronicles III release planned for US/UK

The first Valkyria Chronicles astounded us with its gorgeous visuals and addicting mixture of strategy gameplay with real-time shooting. When the sequel was announced for the technically inferior PSP, we were let down, but the game ended up impressing us as well. Apparently the English-speaking world didn’t love it enough though, as news spread today that Sega has no plans to localize the third Valkyria Chronicles for western audiences.

Though it has been out in Japan since January, according to Gamespot a Sega rep recently said the game won’t be localized for North America or Europe. Apparently that’s due to Valkyria II selling pretty poorly in the west, as the rep said it didn’t sell enough copies to justify the cost of translating it. And at this point even the biggest Sony supporter would have to admit the PSP is nearly dead in the US, making publishing VCIII a grim option. So fans either need to learn Japanese fast, or resign themselves to never playing the third entry in Sega’s cult series.

Oct 11, 2011

Henry Gilbert

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