Nintendo VP squeaks out deets

Does anyone even go to summer camp these days? Well, if it happens to be called "Camp Hyrule" and also happens to be a place where Wii details can be unearthed, and happens to be frequented by Nintendo of America's Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Affairs, George Harrison, then yes, people attend in droves.

Harrison told the online participants that a classic, GameCube-style control scheme will not be an option for the Wii version of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess - thusforcing gamers to use the remote-and-nunchuk method. We spentsome timewith the Wii version during E3, and we gotta say, it doesn't feel all that intuitive. A regular GameCube controller seems vastly preferable. On the flip side, Harrison claims the Wii version will offer considerably better graphics, so eye-whores should take note.

Harrison also commented on the oft-forgotten Virtual Console, saying it'll be a source of brand-new games in addition to scores of downloadable classic titles. The emphasis is currently on launching Wii and its new games, though expect to see new (old) games for the Virtual Console "sometime after launch." The idea of Nintendo building new games based upon its rock-solid 16-bit lineup is enough to put us at the front of any Wii launch line.

Curious to see what lost classics might make the downloadable cut? Headherefor our old-school Nintendo wishlist.

August 17, 2006