Nintendo ponders online Fire Emblem

The first Wii entry Goddess of Dawn has just been released in Japan but Nintendo is already pondering online functions for the next installment of Fire Emblem, while a DS version is also likely to emerge.

Speaking to Japanese mag Dengeki DS & Wii Style and translated by IGN, Nintendo's Hitoshi Yamagami says that it decided to focus on single-player and hold back on Wi-Fi for the first Wii Fire Emblem, "However, for the next title, if we have the chance, we'd like to use it."

On the subject of the dual-screened handheld Yamagami also said that Nintendo feels "that the SRPG genre is suited for the DS," so we'll probably see the series crop up on that some time in the future as well.

Good news for series fans then, but unfortunately we're still waiting for word on a Western release of Goddess of Dawn, which is currently generating positive buzz from the Far East.

We will as always let you know the second Nintendo sends word of a date.

April 16, 2007