NiGHTS - updated impressions

This fan-pleasing follow-up to the cult Sega Saturn title was the worst-kept secret in gaming a few months back. Now that it's out in the public domain, Sega decided to keep our hands off the recent demo.

So all we could do was watch a Sega rep enjoying multiple goes on the demo's one main level and one boss battle. From what we could tell, it looks like it isn't going to disappoint, as it doesn't stray far from the original formula. It's almost identical.

The reason for the current "no play" policy is most likely an unfinished control system that appears to work like the Saturn original, with the Nunchuk's analog stick used to fly the main character around the game world. The plan is for the final game to use only the remote, for a much simpler and more intuitive control method.

The plot involves a pair of children who are transported into a dream world where they help a purple jester-dude called Nights dispose of the nightmare creatures that have infested his colourful realm.