New Digi Mag reveals BioShock

Are you still reading analog magazines? Pssh! Then it's about gosh darn time you got with the Double-O-7, Lollipop. Take off that mesh trucker hat, throw out that relic you call an iPod and feast those retinas you rebuilt with your latestWii Lasik peripheral (the Sii) on Future (opens in new tab)'s newest breed of high quality periodicals: The Digital Magazine.

This"issue" (opens in new tab), if we can call it that*, contains a rather stunning and in-depth look at Irrational Games' upcoming System Shock spiritual successor, BioShock. And this ain't your daddy's magazine, nor is it even your tech-savvy cousin's web blog. Not content to letmortals like usmerely read its news, the Digital Mag's got pages of interactive content beyond what your puny internet could previously muster.

You'll find a high resolution trailer, early gameplay walkthrough, a point-by-point glimpse of the inimitable "Big Daddy" Bouncer Bot (pictured), and Irrational Co-Founder, Ken Levine conjures the skinny on everything from System Shock to Freedom Force in a candid interview. (Cursing!)

Above: Go ahead, click him. He won't bite. Yet...

It's got all that and more, all in one implacably designed, easy to swallow package of luminous pixels and bytes. Did we mention it glows? Well it totally does!Sostep away from youMaroon 5records andclick here (opens in new tab) to officially embrace the new millenium.

And keep an eye out for BioShock this fall,as well asmore Digital Mags as the future indubitably unfolds. You can tell us what you think of it by sending us an email at all goes according to plan, the next issue will plug directly into your hat.

June 4, 2007

*Note to self: Quickly patent the word "E-ssue." Use royalties to seize control of the Future's publishing empire, focus exclusively on Pokemon, ice cream and Wrestling. Then: control the world... Oh, and remember to hone a megalomaniacal, supervillany cackle-laugh.That really would've sold the whole mad-man manifesto. Dammit!