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My Pokemon Ranch - WiiWare Unlockables

  • Wii | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Ranch level ups


    Level 02 (Can hold 25 Pokemon) Deposit 7 Pokemon

    Level 03 (Can hold 30 Pokemon) Deposit 10 Pokemon

    Level 04 (Can hold 40 Pokemon and 5 more Miis) Deposit 15 Pokemon

    Level 05 (Can hold 50 Pokemon) Deposit 20 Pokemon

    Level 06 (Can hold 60 Pokemon) Deposit 30 Pokemon

    Level 07 (Can hold 80 Pokemon) Deposit 40 Pokemon

    Level 08 (Can hold 100 Pokemon and 5 more Miis) Deposit 50 Pokemon

    Level 09 (Can hold 150 Pokemon) Deposit 60 Pokemon

    Level 10 (Can hold 200 Pokemon) Deposit 80 Pokemon

    Level 11 (Can hold 250 Pokemon and 5 more Miis) Deposit 100 Pokemon

    Level 12 (Can hold 300 Pokemon) Deposit 120 Pokemon

    Level 13 (Can hold 350 Pokemon) Deposit 150 Pokemon

    Level 14 (Can hold 400 Pokemon) Deposit 200 Pokemon

    Level 15 (Can hold 500 Pokemon) Deposit 250 Pokemon

    Level 16 (Can hold 600 Pokemon) Deposit 300 Pokemon

    Level 17 (Can hold 700 Pokemon) Deposit 350 Pokemon

    Level 18 (Can hold 800 Pokemon) Deposit 400 Pokemon

    Level 19 (Can hold 900 Pokemon) Deposit 450 Pokemon

    Level 20 (Can hold 1000 Pokemon) Deposit 500 Pokemon

    Level 21 (Can hold 1000 Pokemon) Deposit 600 Pokemon

    Level 22 (Can hold 1000 Pokemon) Deposit 700 Pokemon

    Level 23 (Can hold 1000 Pokemon) Deposit 800 Pokemon

    Level 24 (Can hold 1000 Pokemon) Deposit 900 Pokemon

    Level 25 (Can hold 1000 Pokemon) Deposit 999 Pokemon

    Level 26 (Can hold 1500 Pokemon) Deposit 1000 Pokemon (Pokemon Platinum Update required) *JP Only*

  • Wii | Submitted by naruto crazy

    Break open toy boxes

    In the ranch when you have a toy box

    To open a toy box just lock in on the toy box and shake the wii remote up and down.

My Pokemon Ranch - WiiWare Hints

  • Wii | Submitted by Falconwing

    Get more of Hayley's pokemon

    The first time you leave the ranch for the day, Hayley will tell you she's bringing a nw pokemon to the ranch. If you level up your ranch between when she tells you this and the next day, she'll bring one extra pokemon for each time you level up your ranch. For example, if you level up your ranch once, you'll get one extra pokemon. If you level up twice, you get two extra pokemon ETC. This way, if when she shows you the picture of the pokemon and you recognize it as a rare pokemon, you can get loads of them!

My Pokemon Ranch - WiiWare Cheats

  • Wii | Submitted by ichigos hollow

    Faster Pokemon And Ranch Upgrades

    Hayley will give you a free pokemon each day, but instead of waiting for tomorrow, just go to your Wii settings and change the date one day ahead. When you go back into the game you'll have new pokemon.

My Pokemon Ranch - WiiWare Easter Eggs

  • Wii | Submitted by Conner Robison

    Earthquakes and Tornados

    When you unlock the free mode you can use a tornado or earthquake. To use the earthquake you zoom in close then shake the Wii remote around a little. You do the same thing with the tornado, but you zoom out from the ranch using the plus and minus signs.