Multiplayer Oblivion!

Tuesday 27 June 2006
A clued-up computing student has created a modification for The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion that enables two-player jaunts into the gigantic world of Cyrodiil. Unbelievable? Just head over to the mod's official site and you can download a video showing it in action.

Right now, the mod is very basic. You and a friend can wander around together, with the other player represented by a non-player character (like the folk you see wandering around the cities). Eventually the big-brained undergraduate plans to enhance the mod to include deathmatch and 'capture the flag' action for up to eight players, all at once.

Above: The mod currently allows just two people to wander around together, but eight-player deathmatches are in the works

As a totally unofficial mod, we suggest you follow all the instructions given and expect a bucket load of bugs with this first release. But, unless Bethesda suddenly reveals plans for its own multiplayer upgrade to Oblivion's expansive experience, this bedroom-coded effort will be your only chance to bash your friends about with medieval weaponry.

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