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Mortal Kombat: Scorpion fight trailer is fast, flowing and bad of the ass

The first extensive run of in-game footage since E3, itgenuinely seems to show some major improvements in MK's fighting engine over previous entries. This looks like a fast, fluid, lucid Mortal Kombat, streets ahead of the stiff, prescribed clunk we're unfortunately used to. Even as a Street FIghter man, I find myself impressed. Starting to get excited, even. Take a look and tell me what you think.

Shedloads better than Scorpion'sshop mannequin showingin MK vs. DC Universe, is it not? Of course, however slick and nippy this newMortal Kombatlooks, for me its quality willultimately depend on how adaptable that brutal-looking combo system is. MK has long needed a more organic fighting style, and if this new game really is as free and airy as the gameplay footage so far makes it look, the series could be about to turn a major corner. If not however, I'll be disappointed. Because despite myself, I find myself getting very interested indeed in this one.