Michael Cera signs for Youth In Revolt

Arrested Development may be no longer with us (must… not… cry), but one of its stars is doing rather well for himself in the ol’ movie stakes. George Michael Bluth, AKA Michael Cera, is at the centre of a positive buzz storm for upcoming comedy Superbad (which we can confirm is entirely accurate – it’s hilarious) and has been winning film roles left and right.

He’s already finished working on Jason Reitman’s Juno, will work again with Superbad producer Judd Apatow and Jack Black on Year Zero and has just agreed to star in Youth In Revolt, which Dimension Films has adapted from CD Payne’s novel.

Payne self published the book – about teenager Nick Twisp, an intellectual striving to survive a world of pumping sex hormones and stupid adults, and saw it grow into an underground sensation. It has launched a series of novels and a massive fan base around the world.

The first novel finds Twisp falling for the girl of his dreams on a family holiday and causing chaos when he tries to be with her.

Gustin Nash has scribbled the screenplay, which Dimension’s Bob Weinstein describes as “a cutting-edge film with lots of laughter”. And it sounds like the perfect role for Cera. Now what it needs is a director to do it justice…

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