Mech Assault Cheats

Mech Assault Unlockables

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    How to unlock Ragnarok for Multiplayer

    Finish the game one time to unlock him for local play in multiplayer.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Datalore

    Get New Mechs

    To get new mechs all you have to do is beat game on campaign mode. More mechs are as follows...
    Easy:2 new mechs.
    Medium:1 more new mech.
    Hard:1 more new mech.
    Difficult:2 more mechs.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Devils Nitemare

    Getting the 'Raven' and 'Corvus'

    To get these two awesome mechs you must have XBOX LIVE. Even if you have regular online playing, u cant get it. When u just start up Mech Assault, select the download content sign. it takes about 2-5 minutes 2 download.

  • Xbox | Submitted by KDownz

    Get Ymir

    You get Ymir the same way as getting Ragnarok,by beating the entire game. Ymir has different weapon choices that some may prefer in battle.

Mech Assault Hints

  • Xbox | Submitted by Charlie

    Tips for beating Ragnarok

    Ok this is just a few tips for the guys that are stuck on beating Ragnarok\
    1. BE PROMETHEOUS He's the heaviest heavy mech u have at this point.
    2. KEEP YOUR DISTANCE that lava gun kills almost half your energy at close range so try to stay far away and launch long range attacks.
    3. BE SURE YOU GOT UPGRADES its almost impossible to beat him with no upgrades.
    4. TIME ALL OF YOUR ATTACKS That shield gets really frustrating when it absorbs your last upgraded attack, so time your attacks carefully.
    5. USE THE FIELD AGAINST HIM There are some buildings like mining wells that give off a blast when you knock them down. If you can get Ragnarok next to one when it blows he'll practically die.
    6. IF YOU DIE JUST KEEP TRYING I got killed a bunch of times battling him, just keep trying.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Frozen Atlases

    On wolf in sheep's...when you enter the base, to your right you'll see a cement fence. With your jump jets you can hop on it, then when your on it use your jump jets again to jump over the base entrance wall. When your on the other side you can destroy as many things as you want and they will not raise the alarm. They will not fire back or move, destroy them. When your done there will be a ice-block to the left of the base entrance, jump on it. When your on the top of it, jump to the other side. WARNING, if you destroy anything in the base they will raise the alarm. GOOD LUCK.

  • Xbox | Submitted by dan

    Strange Damage

    During destruction, team destruction, CTF, or any multiplayer games that involve combat between mechs, you can inflict damage on a mech by jumping on the mechs head. (you must have a mech with jump jets). This hint is hard to master but with skill you can perfect it.

  • Xbox | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Hiding Place

    You can hide from the enemy by finding a tunnel at the side of a mountain or something by shooting it until it collapses. Then if your mech is small enough you can walk in and they shouldn't be able to find you unless they see you go in.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Chel Sweetooth

    Beat First Mech Easy

    In the 3rd mission of the game u start in front of a bridge go down the bridge, destroy the helicopters and the tanks then go to a small bridge u will see suburbs but go down the valley to your left. You will soon come to a base that u fight a mech at later level the base along with the Power Armors and then go back to the suburbs and attack the mech and he will go to the base. NO PLACES FOR HIM TO HIDE AND NOW POWER ARMOR TO HELP HIM, NOW KICK HIS BUTT.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Mechwarrior

    Beat "Size Matters" Easily

    If you've made it to Size Maters, the second part, you know that at the end, there are about 9 or 10 mechs. If you try to fight them, kill the one in the middle so that it kills the others in the explosion. If you want to beat the mission, run past them to the mansion. Put a chaff on it to attract the missiles, the start shooting. Try to get other mechs by it so it hurts them when it falls. Otherwise, choose to make the helicopters crash on the mechs. Hopefully you make it.

  • Xbox | Submitted by guy

    Block the Atlases

    In wolf for sheep's clothing on any difficulty level we all know that it's hard to run and fire at 4 mechs and other tanks, infantry, and helicopter so i'm here to make things a bit easier. Just when your leaving the enemy's base turn to your left heading out and there will be 2 buildings. There will be a more metallic building and there will be a fully complete brown building with glass and stuff on it. If you destroy it the gate will close keeping those nearly indestructible Atlases behind. The flying mechs will be able to get over, but this way you only got half the amount of fire you have to run from.

  • Xbox | Submitted by guy

    Chain Reaction Explosion

    message: In the level Payback you need a mech with heavy assault capabilities. Run down with it until you see one of those rock bridges. Wait for the catapults to come by while defending yourself from that other mech and wait. When the first catapult is under make sure its destroyed so it falls on him. Note that the bridge will take a minute to destroy. If done right the explosion will kill almost the whole line, but it must be done with almost exact timing.

  • Xbox | Submitted by guy

    Enemy vs. Enemy

    First you need a mech with a chaff or in other words a special weapon that attracts missiles towards it instead of yourself. This code is a little tricky, but possible. Get close to an enemy and fire your chaff. If done right it will stick to him. Now if another enemy fires the missiles will hit his own guy and make things easier for you because now it's like having two of you firing.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Mech Warrior 77

    Elemental Tower Hop

    Select any multiplayer game option and be the Elemental. Now jump onto a flat top building, the big rectangular ones. Now jump onto the nearest sky scrapper you can make and find your next landing platform. Now you can drive your friends crazy by jumping from roof top to roof top while they go insane trying to hit you. Note: It usually takes a few jumps to before you really become the master at this.

  • Xbox | Submitted by TobyBlue

    Thor on the Rocks

    For this mission, you need be either Mad Cat or Timber Wolf because they are the heaviest Mechs you have. After the first and fourth to were there will be large rounded rocks. You know that you found one because Foster will say stuff about a cave. Blow them with either your laser or ballistic weapons (theese are the power ups that are behind the rocks along with the health). You can also jump over the rocks with a jumping Mech like a Uziel or Belile, but be ready to fight heavy Mechs, including the level 3 Thor at the end.

  • Xbox | Submitted by Jonathan David Pigg

    Jump over wall in Wolf in Sheep's

    When you get to Wolf in sheep's clothing go through the gate (where the two Atlases are) turn to the right and jump jet over the wall. If you do this you can destroy all the enemies and the Two Atlasses guarding the gate. to get over the wall again get on top of the rocks on the left side were the atlasses used to stand and jump jet over the wall. DO NOT ATTACK THE ENEMY'S WHEN YOU GET BACK OVER THE WALL. If you do attack the enemies you will have to start the level all the way back over.

  • Xbox | Submitted by SamohT

    Ultimate Hiding Place in River City

    Select multiplayer mode and pick destruction as the game, kill limit doesn't matter but time put to 15 for practice. Pick the kit fox at mech selection screen and start the game. If you look closely at the compass you can find the direction east. Runto the out skirts of town until you're face to face with a big beige building. This is the tuff part. Move back and get a run at it and and hit the jump-jets, you are trying to get on top of it. If you do it right you will sink into the building and your enemies won't be able to see you.

Mech Assault Cheats

  • Xbox | Submitted by Matt

    Instant Enemy Deaths

    This code instantly destroys your enemy, as long as they are in the right place. Wht you do is:
    1. Make sure that your enemy is under, or RIGHT, IMMEDIATELY NEXT TO a bridge, or a building.
    2.Use your weapons, cycling thruogh them, to shoot, bomb, or just DESTROY the bridge/building.
    3.If your enemy was under or close enough to the now blown-up structure, than the enemy mech will blow up, and be dead.
    *This works for YOU, too. If you are on/near/under the structure when it is destroyed, you will be... gone.
    **If you are in multiplayer Grinder, this works, also.
    ***You can also weaken bridges beforehand, too. If you shoot the bridge enough, it will smoke, first at the far end, then middle, then close to you. Once it does this, a couple of shots will blow it!

Mech Assault Glitches

  • Xbox | Submitted by MetallicaFan

    Wolf In Sheep's Clothing: Kill Two Atlases While they are frozen

    Go though the door that the two Atlases are guarding. The woman will tell you to go to the base so she can access the database, Instead of doing that, look back at the base. Go left slightly and you should find a small gate. Jump jet on the small gate. You must do this because you need the extra boost to get over the big gate. Jump jet over the big gate and the two Atlases are still there, but they will not fire at you. Kill the two Atlases and take their power-ups. You cannot go though the door in the gate and you cannot jump over the gate again. Face the big gate, then go left. There will be a huge rock that you can go up and jump jet over the big gate. To get over the big gate, jump jet on the small rock that is a few feet off the ground and a few feet away from the base. When you are on the rock, you may be able to jump jet over; if not, get on the huge rock and jump jet over. This might require a few attempts. You should now be back on the other side where the !
    two Belials are located. Do not fire at them -- they still think you are good. Go to the base and let the database get accessed. When the Belial approaches and says "Friendly Thor please give your identification code or you will be fired upon", the two Atlases will not longer appear. You can now kill the two Belials easily.