Lumines II single-player hands-on

But audio/visual media isn't the only aspect of the game that has received a shot of steroids to bulk it up to Hulk-sized proportions. The puzzle mode from the original game has been padded out with an unbelievable 100 new puzzles for your single-player enjoyment. Even the developers stated that they didn't know if it was possible for any one person to play all the way through them (but that was before they saw the GamesRadar editors tear through the quizzical cube clusters).

In addition, developer Q Entertainment briefly flashed some features they were planning to include, like a music sequencer for building your own tracks (though actual details on its functionality have yet to be finalized), a replay theater for showing off your closest matches and a free Every Extend Extra demo thrown in.

Granted, we're still playing Lumines on our PSPs during the slog to work every morning, so we're obviously excited about the November-slated improvement on a game that has already proven itself an addictive classic.

Confirmed video artists (and art) include:
Beck- "Black Tambourine"
Black Eyed Peas - "Pump It"
Chemical Brothers- "Star Guitar"
Fatboy Slim- "Gangster Trippin'"
The Go! Team- "Bottle Rocket"
Gwen Stefani- "Hollaback Girl"
Hoobastank- "Born to Lead"
Junior Senior- "Take My Time"
Missy Elliott- "Lose Control"
New Order- TBD
Other artists (not necessarily video):
Junkie XL- "Breezer"
Stigmato Inc- "Reality Check"