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Link howls in fresh Zelda trailer

Friday 3 November 2006
One of Link's more intriguing skills in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess is his ability to transform into a wolf, and now you can see the transmogrification process for yourself in this new trailer.

Hit the movies tab to see the footage but, don't worry, there's no American Werewolf in London-style body-horror twistage to grimace at.

Twilight Princess uses Link's canine form for more of the series' characteristic puzzling. Wolf skills can help with pathfinding, say, thanks to your enhanced olfactory talents sniffing out a trail, among other four-legged extras. Meanwhile, you can also catch a glimpse of river-rapids-riding, Link fighting enemies on horseback and some impressively imposing boss characters.

The jury is still out on whether Link's adventure will be more suited to GameCube or Wii controls - although our recent hands-on suggests the former - but it's not long until we can all find out, as Twilight Princess crests the Wii launch day horizon this December.