Less is more for Fable 2

Aug 16, 2007

In a recent chat with us, Lionhead boss Peter Molyneux explained his company's new development mantra for the massive Xbox 360 Fable sequel: LESS IS MORE.

At the moment the Fable 2 design director is telling his team to focus less on features and more on polishing. "Lionhead games need less random features, but to refine and hone the core features," he said.

"Combat is good example of this; we could have thrown in 100's of different spells, moves and effects but I now realize it's better to have fewer really good spells and moves which really work. In other words quality rather than quantity."

As one of the top best-selling games on the original Xbox, Microsoft's expectations for the second Fable really couldn't be much higher. Molyneux isn't psyched-out though, "Actually I find that prospect extremely exciting," he said.

Perhaps to both the pleasure and upset of fans, Molyneux also toldus his ambitions "are as strong as they ever were."

"Lionhead is as committed as ever to being innovative and creative and that means being ambitious. I want to make a truly great landmark game and we have talent and resources to attain this."