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Lego Island Hints

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar


    Enter the elevator at the Information Center and wait 1 minute. Now use the arrow keys to fly.

  • PC | Submitted by santi pinto

    How To Get Inside Bricksters Ambulance Car

    So if you want to get in the car first play as pepper and go to the police station and build a helicopter after that go to the pizzeria and place a delivery then go to the jail and go right in front of the Brickster. Then he'll snatch the pizza out of you're hand and starts talking skip that if you want all he says is he's going to take apart the town. So after that the police come and i think you already know where to go, if not go to where that cave is but go through the tunnel and then the police will arrive so while you're chasing him, keep following him till he's on the street then keep going till you see the bricksters head and then you'll be in the car. (Note): you can get out if you fall behind. And the best part about this cheat is that when you're inside the car keep going forward and can hit him you'll hear a crashing sound when you hit him it can make him turn around if he's going toward a building!

  • PC | Submitted by Unknown

    Go Through Parrot That Blocks Your Way & Torture People

    When one of the people takes you on a mission, sometimes a parrot blocks the easiest way and says "Road block!! I'm (etc.)" Then you walk up/ ride bike up to the biggest gap between any two trees, bump into it, stop, and go again. you will go through it. if it does not work, keep stopping & and going at a slow pace. note: I don't know if it works when you're using a car. and you can go through
    To torture people ride the car and motorcycle really fast. then click on the hand while you're still moving. Make sure they go opposite directions. Then sooner or later They will bump at a place. Leave, then come back. someone may be stuck in the middle and be doing flip kicks

  • PC | Submitted by Bellinator

    Compete Game With Pepper

    To complete the game first with pepper build a helicopter then go to the pizzeria ensuring the helicopter is by the jail (turn right from police office) Go into the pizzeria and get a pizza papa brik will tell you to go to the jail because the person sounded like nick. take it to the prison, the brikster will take it and get out of prison. he will steal the helicopter
    Good so far
    He will take a brick follow the instructions but when you see a red brick DON'T GO FOR IT but go on down the small valley thing laura and nick will meet you there follow the brikster clicking on everything he drops until you get back to the place where you made the helicopter.
    Just click on the triangle where you exit the helicopter maker if you don't now where it is the Lego person will tell you after you click three-four times. After that fly the helicopter and give doughnuts to the police and pizza's to the brikster, but don't use to many or you will run out, eventually the game will stop and go blurred.

Lego Island Cheats

  • PC | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Flowers and trees Dance

    Press Z + T during play

  • PC | Submitted by Anthony Foley

    Zombie Walk

    Play as pepper then look at any character that you can be press the minus and plus buttons at the same time rapidly, if done correctly they will walk like zombies.
    (works best when you look at papa or Mama)