LEGO BioShock revealed at Brickworld 2011

I apologize in advance for any geekgasms, squees or embarassing pre-order attempts this headline may have caused, as this is not a post about a new LEGO BioShock video game. In truth, this story is about one builder's efforts to recreate Rapture in toy block form for this week's Brickworld 2011 LEGO expo in Chicago. Yes, it was misleading, but perhaps your'll find it within your nerd hearts to offer forgiveness once you see this epic creation up close:

The epic reimagining of Rapture was created by Imagine Rigney, aLEGO enthusiast who has also constructed similar piecesinspiredbyStar WarsandAvatar. More pictures depicting other BioShock locales can be viewed on Rigney's section ofMOCpages.

Jun 17, 2011

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