Kingdom Hearts follow-up going portable?

Square Enix has previously revealed that it won't be churning out a full-on Kingdom Hearts III any time soon, but according to Square Enix man Tetsuya Nomura the next title is going to be a spin-off of sorts - likely heading to PSP, DS or mobile platforms.

"It is not Kingdom Hearts III, but it is an anecdote... I want to explain what Mickey did in the World of Darkness, and also how he got his keyblade," Nomura told Famitsu.

"I want to make this [new project] slightly different from the Kingdom Hearts' series, and change the system a little... The multi-developing makes me want to put it on something else... If we follow this idea, it would be hard to choose if to make the game for the "PSP", "NDS" or the cell phone. "

So will it be on DS, PSP or mobile? Square Enix has showed support for all three platforms and the franchise has also seen an installment on the GBA. We reckon it could be anyone's guess - place your bets on ourforum.

May 7, 2007