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    King Oddball Trophies

    Trophy List

    All Birds With One Stone (Bronze): Complete a level using only one rock.

    Head Shot! (Bronze): Hit the King with a rock.

    Headache (Bronze): Hit the King with a rock three times during a level.

    Destroyer of a Thousand (Bronze): Destroy a thousand enemies.

    Thousand Throws (Bronze): Throw a thousand projectiles.

    Four for One (Bronze): Destroy four enemies with one throw.

    Six Pack (Bronze): Destroy six enemies with one throw.

    More Than Perfect! (Bronze): Complete a level with one rock and gain more than one extra rock.

    Golden Five (Bronze): Gain five extra rocks during a level.

    World Ender (Bronze): End the World.

    Kingslayer (Bronze): Kill the King.

    You Rock! (Bronze): Complete all One Rock Levels.

    Grenadier (Bronze): Complete all Grenade Levels.

    Stash of 'Stache (Bronze): Complete the Stash!

    Secret Moustache World (Bronze): Find and complete the Secret Moustache World!

    Full of Diamonds (Gold): Collect all diamonds in Hall of Diamonds.