Killer 7 shot splatter

Harman Smith has seven personalities trapped inside his head, which must make it difficult for him to work as a professional killer. After all, what point is there in cowering in the shadows when there is a good chance one of the people who lives in your brain is liable to start barking any moment?

Just imagine trying to infiltrate an enemy base dressed in the pastel garb of a faceless technician while one of your personalities swigs from a bottle of meths and babbles about his 'mind-control hat'.

How serial-killer and serial-nutjob Harman Smith copes, we just don't know. No really, we don't because once again Capcom have released more shots from their stunning cel-shaded shooter without revealing any more details of the gameplay.

But don't worry because right now a member of is en route to the US ready be one of the first people in the world to get hands-on with the game. So remember to keep coming back to for more hits from this insane shooter.

Killer 7 will scream its way on to PS2 and Gamecube on 24 June