Kane & Lynch: Dead Men - first look

In the early version we saw, Kane and Lynch began their road to... wherever it is they're going by kidnapping a known yakuza's daughter right out of her own nightclub. As Kane slowly wades through a steaming mass of dancing bodies, the club's insane light show changes with the pounding techno tunes, creating a completely mesmerizing showcase of technology. Once you make it to the girl, Lynch clocks her and now they start to make their way back out - by firing into the crowd, causing a riot and disappearing in the chaos. It doesn't happen without a few bodyguards getting the way, of course.

Later, we saw a mission begin on the roof of a built-to-scale building in Japan. After rappelling down and crashing through the glass, you Kane and his team dispatch everyone in the room, just before he grabs the main man and starts to take out his eye. This bit of backstory, along with tons of plot elements, are all told in-game through character interactions - yet another way to keep the cinematic level high while still giving control of the game to the player. There are even flashbacks are you're about to die, which give you info you'll only know while waiting for someone to bring you back to life.

So, squad-based missions, two nutso killers and an atmosphere that practically drips off the damn screen... we're in. Kane and Lynch doesn't launch until next year, giving you plenty of time to practice your techniques with this year's Hitman: Blood Money.