Kane and Lynch paint the town red

Friday 25 August 2006
Kane and Lynch: Dead Men has finally been revealed in fully-playable form at today's Leipzig Game Convention and before we bring you a double-mission hands-on we've got a gang of screens to introduce to you. Just hit the images tab for more from this impressive, action-focused squad shooter from the maker of Hitman and the underrated Freedom Fighters.

The missions we've seen take place in a heaving nightclub and a half-constructed skyscraper. The nightclub gig has you (as Kane) and Lynch - your psychotic sidekick - kidnapping a target, before pumping bullets into the immense crowd of dancers to cause a distraction and cover your escape. Next we were rappelling down the high-rise building as a gang of four, bursting through the windows and assaulting a horde of tooled-up men in suits.

Above: As an ex-member of a no-holds-barred shadowy agency, Kane isn't one for the softly-softly approach

Both assignments work differently - during the building assault you're in command of two other mercs along with Lynch, with some refreshingly straightforward squad commands to keep thing rattling along at breakneck pace. The nightclub kidnapping is led by Lynch, though, and your job is to keep him safe so he can snatch the target. We'll have an in-depth preview of Kane and Lynch: Dead Men soon, so stay tuned.