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  • PS2 | Submitted by finished the game once too many

    Krimzon Guard Vehicles


    Ever wanted to drive around in a hellcat cruiser or a krimzon guard hover-bike without having them chasing you? apart from rarely finding vacant krimzon guard hover-bikes you can. What you have to do is go to the big lake in front of the Naughty Ottsel or Krew's place (same place) look around for the krimzon guard vehicle your looking for and once you find it, steal it, they will immediately start chasing you and will shoot on sight, quickly drive it to the lake and park it next to the low bridge (low bridge being bridge that you have to swim under because its so low) and get out of the vehicle, swim under the bridge but keep looking at the vehicle you have just stolen because it might vanish if you look away from it for too long (true, it hapenned to me) the guards cant shoot you or zap from above the bridge and they cant shoot you from they're bikes or cruisers because the bridge it too low, any way just wait for a while until they're not chasing you anymore and presto you have your own guard vehicle to drive around (Krimzon Guard Bikes are the fastest and strongest bikes, and Hellcat Cruises are the slowest and strongest cars)

  • PS2 | Submitted by josh

    Defeat Metal Head Leader

    The leader of the metal heads is the last boss of the game. After you start fighting him, there is no way to go back to the city until you defeat him, which means you can't collect ammo other than the blaster ammo around the nest, so be sure to come with full ammo of all gun barrels. It is also a smart thing to have all the dark Jak abilities, including giant dark Jak. There are three parts to the boss:
    1) When the battle starts, the boss lays metal head eggs that dont hatch for a few seconds. Use this time to shoot the metal head leader with a few blasts from the peacemaker or whatever you have ammo for. When the eggs start to hatch, dispose of the small metal heads quickly with your blastr or scatter gun, and avoid the leaders single shots of concentrated dark eco.while shooting and running from the smaller metal heads, keep turning towards the center of the nest to land some shots on the suspended boss. When you have depleted 1/3 of its health, it will momentarily lose some supports and limp. get ready for part two.
    2)Part two is identical to part one except you don't get any time at the beginning and flying metal heads will come up from the hole in the center of the nest. Also, the metal head leader will give a double shot of concentrated dark eco, so be sure to jump or roll away twice when evading its shots. Once you diminish the 2nd third of the boss's health, it will jump down from its suspensions and part 3 will begin.
    3)The metal head leader chases you around the nest, pounds the ground causing a circle of dark eco to come from it which you must jump over (like shockwaves from other games), and will shoot a triple shot of dark eco. If you do not have enough dark eco to turn into dark Jak, just keep shooting the boss and keep evading his attacks. Otherwise, mutate into dark Jak, transform into giant dark Jak, and administer a dark bomb. This will deplete more than half of the monster's remaining health, and is a good head start on finishing him off. After that keep evading and shooting until the beast collapses.

    This may take a few times, so if you get low on blaster ammo or need to collect more dark eco for dark Jak, waste a couple lives collecting ammo and shooting all the small metal heads to collect dark eco. After you defeat the boss, sit back and enjoy the ending movie.

  • PS2 | Submitted by God of Glitches

    Random stuff and two glitches.

    Haven city roofs by the water and other stuff.

    I noticed that if there is a ledge really high but you cant get there this good to use. Do the long roll, (L1 + X) then immeadietly press X RIGHT AS JAK TOUCHES THE GROUND. If you hear a "fwee" sound and Jak jumps high, you're done. It's kinda hard but you'll master it quick.

    To get on the high roofs on the dock place with all the water and the bridges, get the motorcycle zoomers and go really fast. Pick out a lowish roof and press triangle just before you smack into it. You will stay there for a few seconds if you did it right, but you'll fall of eventually. And if you stole a cop zoomer you'll fall in the water and the guards will never hit you if you keep moving.

    GLITCH TIME!!!!!!! (This might not work but it did for me once.) Turn into dark Jak and dive as deep as you can. [in the water] the screen might turn black and Jak will do the "ahhhhhh" stuff when he falls off a cliff. Once I did this and my game froze.

    Next! When you talk to the oracle and stuff, turn into dark jak and walk out the door. The people will still run but the guards won't attack.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Daniel Smith

    How to Get on Roofs

    Ok. Now what is the first idea of how to get on the roof? If you said Hover-craft your right. To do this you have to have a fast start on your Hover-craft. It also has to be in the air. Drive to the roof that is not on the docks. I do it on the houses like the one a Baron Praxis hologram (That won't shut up!) is next to. There is also another way. You can only do it on the house with the Baron Praxis thing on it. Jump on the hologram and high jump to the roof. It's that simple! Any questions? If you have some questions, you must not b a good gamer.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Raven

    Second Run-In with Praxis

    When You get to the Tomb of Mar(Or something like that) you have to beat the two Tests of Manhood.It takes about an hour to beat 'em, because there are a lot of puzzles and obstacles to overcome. Well, once you get to the end of the challenge, you finally get to the long awaited Precursor Stone. Who's to say that Praxis gets in your way! So I'll tell ya how to beat 'em.
    First you see him jump onto the statue with his giant spider robot. He starts drilling at the stone, but, to keep you occupied, he launches these mini spider-bots. Don't try to punch 'em because they're electrified.
    Take out two or three of 'em at once with the scatter gun.
    Then Prax will launch time bombs all over.
    Now's your chance to strike back. Get in front of one of the bombs and punch it in his direction. If a good shot, it will hit him. Do this until all of the bombs are gone. He'll launch those spider things again, beat 'em, and repeat until his health is at yellow. If his health is at yellow, he'll occasionally jump off and and pop up somewhere and shoot at you. Hide behind the pillars when he shoots. Then he'll do the bomb bit again. When his health is red, he'll aquire the stone, and attach it to his robot. Needless to say you should hide when he blasts with it at you.
    He'll do this and launch bombs and shoot all at the same time. You got to be quick and punch those bombs. Stay close to a pillar, but they collapse if he hits it to much. If you follow this, you should have him beat. But Prax is'nt going down this time either.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    How to get the JET- BOARD

    Go to the micanic (and it's the 3rd or 4th mission after you beat the jet-board compition) she'll tell you to go to Haven forest and when you get in it, the room between the cty and the place you are going(it takes forever to unlock), the micanic will give you the jet-board.HINT: you have to use the jet-board for A LOT of missions.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Daxter's Couisin

    Dark Powers

    Dark Power: Dark Bomb
    At a cheap price of 25 Skull Gems, you can unlock this paralysing move. Great for taking out all enimies if their surrounding it(X+[])

    Dark Power: Dark Dash
    This cool move is 200 skull gems and will inflict pain upon anyone who messes with you([]+X)

    Dark Power: Invincibility
    This granted power allows Dark Jak to be Invincible!! You shall not lose a single life point whilst in Dark Jak with this

    Dark Power: Dark Giant
    The last of the moves given to you by the oracle is Dark Giant. By pressing L2 when in Dark Jak mode you will turn into the Dark Giant Jak. Double the size, double the speed double the attack power. I wonder if anything else doubles?!!!

  • PS2 | Submitted by knightkris

    Dark Blast

    After you've got Dark Bomb, collect 200 Skull Gems and go back to the Oracle and you'll receive Dark Blast.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Daniel Aragones

    Mar's Tomb Location

    Late in the game after when you do the mission to destroy all hellcat cruisers you will be told to go to Onin and Pecker and also the old geezer is there not Samos, um whats his name um Kor but that does't matter you will have to complete a task set by Onin first. Triangle , 0, [] and x will appear on the screen at different times out of the pot get to 400 points and you will be able to get to mar's tomb just follow the map put all three artifacts in the right places then you will see a clip where everything blows up in haven city. Go back out go to the thingy on the map see a clip where the Oracle speaks and says something and at the end everyone apart from Jak and Daxter gets arrested and you will be put to the test...

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Land on People

    On the mission where you have to drive your zoomer thing to a stadium thing in under 3 mins. at the beginning you get on your zoomer and you go a little far over the water and you see two big tower things you go low and you see a little ramp thing exiting the water and you back up and hit the ramp at full speed and you fly through the air and crash into the wall and your zoomer thing explodes (not if you have a strong zoomer) and you land on people not in or in a zoomer. And it is good for killing annoying guards.

  • PS2 | Submitted by VicksGoobinsBurg

    Get Around Easier

    Ever wanted to get rid of that submarine that kills you every time you want to take a swim in the ocean? I figured out how to kill it! First you have to get the "giant dark jack" ability. Go to the pumping station where you have your first mission with Sig. Select dark jack and press l2 again to become giant dark jack. Jump into the water and swim out a ways (remember you must use giant dark jack for the whole time). Then jump up and out as high and far as you can and use your dark bomb into the water
    (x then square) You should punch the land at the bottom of the ocean and if you see a thin stream of bubbles rise from the ocean somewhere ahead of you, it means you killed the sub. Aren't you glad you can go where ever you want now without having a nuisance? Now you can swim where ever you want, and go to new places. You can also go to the windmills out in the water, climb them and get rare precursor orbs!

  • PS2 | Submitted by Daxter

    Get Peacemaker gun

    To Get the peacemaker gun you have to escort three of Krew's worker guys down to this statue in the sewers.This gun can blow up absoulutly anything in one go. If you find loads of guards together shoot into them and they conduct the electricity the gun fires or something because they all fry. this gun is the same as Sig's gun(krews wastelander)

  • PS2 | Submitted by Super Dark Jak

    Safety from Metalheads in City

    After you beat the Metalhead Mash game, there will be metalheads all over the city. (Mostly in the stadium section at night.) Here a safe way to avoid them: When your surrounded by metalheads get out of there! They can't hurt you when you're on a zoomer. (hover cars) They will hurt you when you're on your jet board. If you run into them.)

  • PS2 | Submitted by C-L-A-Y B-A-R-A-N

    How to blow up cars

    First, get a car. Then, make the car go down (press R2).Get under another car and right when you're under it press R2 again. The car that you were under will automatically blow up.

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    How to Get Special Technique Dark Bomb

    After you collected 25 metal head skull gems go to the oracle and this icon guide you there

  • PS2 | Submitted by anthony

    Gun Special

    Scatter Gun: Jump then Spin around then press R1 then Jak will shoot in the air once and then once on the ground.
    Blaster Gun: Jump then Spin around then press R1 then he will shoot in the air lots of times.
    Pee Shooter: (same thing as blaster and scatter gun but shoots at all sides)

  • PS2 | Submitted by Codebreaker

    Get Vulcan Fury

    After suttle underground fighters go talk to Torn and he will say here a vulcan barrel for that pee shooter of yours which is blaster weapon.

  • PS2 | Submitted by game master

    Escape Hint

    Okay your probably wondering what the escape hint is right well it only works if you helped the lurkers get to stand the owner of the stand well pay you back after another mission when you go to get the talisman that he well give you crimson guards will show up with transports and the transports will start unloading crimson guards don't shoot them get on your jet board and zoom off before the hath opens [dont fall in to water].

  • PS2 | Submitted by brian

    Free Gems ( Maybe Orbs Too)

    First finish the game. then go into an mission area. preferably the artifact level. then go to the part that leads to the vibrating crystals. follow the path beat the metal heads more gems! get out the JET BOARD and go over the ECO LAKE and there Should be free orbs on the land!!!!!!!

  • PS2 | Submitted by jak 1 completed/jak 2

    Get a Dark Jak For Free

    When you start the game, get out of the prison cell{ very easy} and then look on the map which is on the bottom of the corner, look for a skull type picture n the map{ if it is not there you have to do the first or second mission} if it is on the map follow the picture until you reach a square hut near the pumping station and go in there just quit the cut-scene but when it comes up press l2 to turn into dark jak or whatever it says DON'T press l2 and you will have a dark jak ready

  • PS2 | Submitted by R.,J.,team

    How to Destroy Hellcat Cruisers

    It took us half an hour but, we figured it out. When you see a Hellcat cruiser get under it , and get out volcanfury and immediately shoot down the Hellcat cruiser. If you keep this up you eventfully win.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Sean

    Shortcut to Dig (And Weapons Factory)

    This hint will only work if you have the jet board. Go to the pumping station, then look at the map. look up and you should see a small island and a path. Locate the area, grind down the rail. HINT: DO NOT fall off the rail. A laser will appear and vaporize you. Once you pass the second rail, continue up the path and you find the car that takes you to the dig. If you are looking for a return to the weapons factory, go to the right and into the door. PLEASE READ: I ONLY TESTED THIS WHEN I BEET THE GAME. I AM NOT SURE IF IT WORKS DURING THE GAME

  • PS2 | Submitted by Joey

    Lost Worlds

    This isn't really a cheat but when u beat the game you'll need it. At the end of the game some places will be blocked off like one of the strip mines. To get there go to the transportation pad at the spot where u find Samos, go through it and you'll be at the strip mine. then when u go to the pumping station go to the very end and you'll see 2 pipes. Get your jet board out and grind the rails, then go down the path and you'll see the mining station.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Silent Chinchilla

    Wastelander Move

    Ok, this is a pretty cool move I found out after I beat the game. What you do is take out your peace maker. Hold the peace maker button (one of the arrow buttons and hold L1. This will activate a charged blat like Vig does when you go hunting with him on one of the very early missions in the game. Let go odd the L3 button and it will fire. Also you can push the R3 button (the joint stick closest to the X button and it will kind of be like a sniper vision.

    Another cool trick I found out is go to Krew's place first. HINT: it's better if you have the peace maker and do the Wastelander Move. Go to the lake part and get on one of those many boats that just sit there. NOTE: they may not all move. You can fire multiple shots from their boat without getting hit. But if the Crimson Guards on the flying shooting "motorcycles come, push L1 and you will crouch crawl in that small trench in the boat. It's the part where it looks like a little window and the part where it could carry cargo. I think you'll get it. Happy hunting!

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar

    Easy Way to Beat "Collect Money For Krew"

    An easy way to beat the mission "collect money for Krew" is get on any kind of zoomer and get out a gun. Collect the money while on the zoomer and shoot any Krimzon guards that are in your way. If you can not get the money while staying on the zoomer, get off and get the money then get back on the zoomer. If you do this you should be able to beat it. Krew then gives you a gun upgrade.

  • PS2 | Submitted by Alex Bradley

    Peace Maker Aiming

    When you get the Peace Maker if you want to aim with it just follow these steps. (It does work).1 Hold down on the R1 button.2 Then while holding R1 press the R3 button.3 While still holding R1 use the left analog stick to aim where you want the shot to go. and when you are ready to fire it let go of R1 and you have just done the aiming cheat.

  • PS2 | Submitted by lilgamer329

    How to Get the Piece Maker Before Fighting Kor

    message: go to dead town and dive off the tower where the flag is you should land in a secret part of dead town and the peace maker should be lying on the ground and you just have to pick it up

  • PS2 | Submitted by Daxters cousin

    Gun Locations

    Morph Gun: Scatter Gun. You get this on the mission for Krew where you go with his bodyguard to take out metal heads. You have to complete the shooting range first though.
    It is just like a shotgun. Wide range, close combat etc.

    Morph Gun: Blaster. Again given to you by Krew. This is a long distance, single shot rifle, with decent firepower and laser sighting. You get another shooting range with this.

    Morph Gun: Vulcan Cannon. Yeah Baby!! This hell of a upgrade can take down a wave of Krimson Guard before you can say, "Praxis is a " Hold down R1 to turn this baby into a Gattling Gun. Watch your ammunition supply though!

    Morph Gun: Peacemaker. I Haven't got this mutha but it does more damage than crashing a Hellcat Cruiser(These go down really easily!)
    I'm going to keep searching though.
    Praxis battle: This is the one on the palace rooftops. Its not hard but its not easy either.
    First get your blaster and take any available shots, without getting hit. When Praxis recharges get out the scatter gun and jump+shoot. Repeat until yellow health. Then Praxis fires bombs. Shoot a t him with blaster while dodging. When on red health, avoid tornados and keep shooting. when he charges at you roll then shoot. It'll be over before you know it!

  • PS2 | Submitted by Lolita Dunlap

    Complete securi-tank mission easy

    I spent about an hour trying to beat this mission and I came out with a pretty good strategy. In the first room it trys to shoot you so move left to right alot. Then when it breaks the wall start doing long jumps. When you roll press the jump button and you'll go far, fast. This method will get the tank off your back. Then use the bar to swing into the third room. Use the platforms to destroy the things in the middle then move on to the next room. It is pretty easy there on, and in the end just let the tank destroy the barrels.

Jak II: Renegade Unlockables

  • PS2 | Submitted by b man jewell

    Hover Board 2

    To get the hover 2 beat the baron in the mars tomb then search the city for a sign near the stadium then follow the arrows to a secret location where an old guy in a clock will send u on a mission a the begging of the mission you will see a portal with the hover 2 next to it then complete the mission to keep the hover2

  • PS2 | Submitted by GamesRadar


    Collect the following number of Orbs to unlock the cheat indicated in the Secrets Menu

    Toggle Jak's Goatee cheat: To get this you must collect 5 orbs during game play.

    Mirror World cheat: To get this you must collect 15 orbs during game play.

    Big head mode cheat: To get this you must collect 30 orbs during game play.

    Small Head Mode cheat: To get this you must collect 45 orbs during game play.

    Scrap Book cheat: To get this you must collect 55 orbs during game play.

    Scene Player Act 1 cheat: To get this you must collect 65 orbs during game play.

    Vulcan Fury Course cheat: To get this you must collect 75 orbs during game play.

    Scene Player Act 2 cheat: To get this you must collect 95 orbs during game play.

    Peace Maker Gun Course cheat: To get this you must collect 105 orbs during game play.

    Scene Player Act 3 cheat: To get this you must collect 125 orbs during game play.

    Reverse Races cheat: To get this you must collect 135 orbs during game play.

    Level Select cheat: To get this you must collect 145 orbs during game play.

    Unlimited Ammo cheat: To get this you must collect 155 orbs during game play.

    Unlimited Dark Jak cheat: To get this you must collect 165 orbs during game play.

    Invulnerability cheat: To get this you must collect 175 orbs during game play.

    Hero Mode cheat: To get this you must collect 200 orbs during game play. When this cheat is activated, start a new game to begin with all four morph guns attachments and an alternate secrets list.

    Alternate scrap book: To get this you must collect 200 orbs in Hero Mode

  • PS2 | Submitted by Daxter's Couisin

    More Hints from the Cousin himself

    Morph Gun: Peacemaker
    I found it!! You get it after escorting the 3 fools of men that are Krew's workers through the sewers.

    Morph Gun Upgrade Number 1:
    This upgrade handily increases your rate of fire for the Scatter Gun.

    Morph Gun Upgrade Number 2:
    This cool upgrade doubles the amount of ammo you can have in the Blaster and Scatter Gun

    Morph Gun Upgrade Number 3:
    This decent upgrade is given to you by Krew before the boss battle with him. It increases the damage caused from one shot.