It looks like the young Han Solo movie will go back to a familiar planet

A long time ago, on a film set far, far away, some puckish rogue managed to snap some photos with their drone. And now, we can see that the young Han Solo film is going to take place (at least partly) on Tatooine.

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Okay so technically we don't know that it's Tatooine. It could be Tatooine, or Jakku, or some other desert planet. But considering it's where we first met Solo, he's known to operate in the area, and the circular architecture matches, my money's on Tatooine.

Who knows what Solo will be doing there, but at least we have an idea of where "there" is. Maybe this is where he meets Woody Harrelson's character? Or where they'll reveal what the movie is actually called? Who knows!

Sam Prell

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