Is this the first glimpse of HD Ico remake?

During a presentation at CEDEC (a Japanese developer conference), Fumito Ueda was showing off The Last Guardian on a big screen and discussing animation in games. Exciting enough in itself, but before he got onto that, he gave a little recap. And the footage of Ico that he demonstrated was definitely not the PS2 version.

Above: She walked up to me and I asked her to dance, oh my Yorda. Y - O - R - D - A, Yo-hoor-dah.

Above: Here's the PS2 version of the same scene (fromNeoGaf)

Above: And here's another shot from the presentation. Looks crisp and hi-res, doesn't it?

There are two logical explanations for these images (but none for the Kinks reference - sorry about that). The first, and most disappointing, is that these are scenes fromaPC emulation of the original game. PCs have been known to run Super Mario Galaxy at 720p, and even N64 games without the eye-bleedingly blurriness associated with that machine, so it would make sense that they'd have a PC version somewhere from when they were developing the original.

The other explanation is that this is, in fact, the PS3 remake that's been talked about for a while now. The fanboy in me says 'this has to be!' but, to be honest, it's the least likely of the two. But... maybe. Just maybe.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

03 Sep, 2010

Source:PlayStation University

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