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Is Chris Nolan auditioning Catwoman for Batman 3?

Christopher Nolan is meeting with actresses in their late 20s / early 30s for ‘the prospective female lead’ in Batman 3.

Many news sites are seeing this as definite confirmation that Selina Kyle’s Catwoman is a shoe-in for The Dark Knight follow-up.

This, despite the fact Nolan normally crafts key parts around an actor, not the other way around.

Whilst we’re pretty sure that Catwoman will show up in Batman 3 – she fits in with too many of Nolan’s favourite themes to be totally absent – we’re almost certain this is a casting call for another part.

We expect Catwoman to be a name actress Nolan’s worked with before. We’d put stolen money on Marion Cotillard.

As for the female lead currently auditioning, perhaps Rachel Dawes survived The Dark Knight ’s exploding oil barrels, and is about to reappear in the guise of yet another feisty brunette. We sure hope not.

Which female villain do you want to see in Batman 3? Harley Quinn? Poison Ivy? Or are you happy with Catwoman?