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iPhone Game of the Day - Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Game: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
Price: %26pound;2.99/$4.99
Size: 90.6MB

What a perfect marriage Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorneyiswith iPhone/iTouch. Not only does Capcom's classic fit the DS-style of presentation(top of the screen shows the story, below is where you interact with it)onto one screen butit features allfive episodes fromtheGBA inall their compellingbeauty.

Above: The crooked Redd White of Bluescorp. See what they've done there?

For the uninitiated, Phoenix Wright is part courtroom action and part detective work as you combine cross-examining witnesses to combing crime scenes for evidence to presentbefore the judge and jury. Sounds boring, but it absolutely isn't. The range of colourful characters and tongue-in-cheek storylines keep proceedings entertaining throughout. Oh, and the occasional boob jiggle animation that the devs shamelessly popped in never fails to raise a, erm, smile.

Above: Wow, this judge is pretty single-minded in his approach to justice

11th June 2010