iPhone game of the day: Let's TAP: Rhythm Tap

Game: Let's TAP: Rhythm Tap
Price: $1.99
Size: 49.1MB
Buy it now from the iTunes Store:US/UK

Let'sTAP was released on the Wii to little fanfare, so it's only natural that the game's two best modes were released on the iPhone ... to little fanfare! Let's TAP: Rhythm Tap is one of those modes, available to buy on its own via iTunes. It's not the most engrossing or deep music game to be found on the iPhone, but damn if it doesn't have dashes of character.

Despite the simplistic tap-based gameplay, Rhythm Tap is fun simply for being bright, cheerful, and packed with unique and silly music.

You can play the game in a variety of ways, emulating the Wii version with help from the iPhone's motion detection, or reverting to a more accurate and user-friendly screen-tap mode. It's undemanding and nothing you'll be telling your grandkids about in years yet to come, that much is true, yet you'll be getting your money's worth if you want some stress-free gaming with cool little tunes backing it up.

Besides which, it's from Yuji Naka's PROPE project (basically a Sega-funded business incubator). Give the man some money, please!

Aug 24, 2010