iPhone game of the day: Guitar Hero

Game: Guitar Hero
Price: $2.99
Size: 104MB
Buy it now from the iTunes Store:US / UK

There's no question that the Guitar Hero franchise is a little saturated, to say the least. In 2009, over ten "Hero" games were released, a number which borders on being a self-parody. However, there are still some hits among Activision's increasing range of misses, and Guitar Hero for the iPhone is one of those good judgment calls.

If you've played Rock Band on the iPhone already, it works in a similar fashion. Like its console brethren, the notes fall down the screen, and the player taps the corresponding button at the right time. It's simple and does the job, and I feel that the interface is far more responsive in Guitar Hero than it is with Rock Band. It's rare that Guitar Hero does something better than Rock Band, but the iPhone game definitely stands out.

Activision also did well in providing a small selection of songs for a $2.99 entry fee, with a range of track packs to purchase later. The only downside is that the selection isn't too varied and the game isn't quite getting the support it could use. Basically, if you love The Rolling Stones, you'll be really happy.

It's a fun music game almost perfectly built for the iPhone, and it runs quite well despite the occasional dip in framerate. For $2.99 you get a handful of decent songs and all the optional Rolling Stones you could hope to buy. If you want a quality music game on your iPhone, this is definitely up there.

Aug 23, 2010